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What People are saying about us! This is why we  love what we do!

7/30/2019  Jessica P.

We are so grateful for Cuddles and Tails. Suzy, the founder, is amazing, she really understands animals, and she is so on top of all communication. All of the sitters we have worked with have been wonderful--most recently Roza.  We do home visits for our cat when we're away, and we so look forward to receiving email updates with lots of photos.  The care provided is of the highest quality and we are able to relax and enjoy our time away from home knowing this.  It is clear that the animals are the #1 priority. I feel like I have very high expectations when it comes to the care of my girl, and I've never been disappointed w C and T. I would give 6 stars if possible.

6/28/2019  Betty F.

C&T has been such a relief for me. They understand how stressful it can be to leave your pet at home while you travel, and they do an incredible job of sending you lots of pictures of your animals while also showing you pics of food amounts, medicine doses, cleaned litter boxes, etc. All the proof you need that everything is being taken care of. I can't recommend them highly enough!

11/7/2018  Kristina L.   
I've been leaving my cats with Suzy and her crew for many years now, and it's always been perfect! The owner Suzy is responsive, easy to deal with, and a delight. She is extremely professional and very appreciative of her clients.
Cuddles has always done an excellent job taking care of our little guys -- they give our cats their pills, make sure they have fresh food and water and treats, and clean up their litter. Honestly, they clean up even better than I would. They also play with our cats, so our cats are relaxed and chill when we come back from trips.
But hands down the best thing about Cuddles & Tails and what sets them apart from other sitters is the communication! Each day that you're away, you get an email with an update on how your pets are doing and plenty of photos. I used to get stressed out about leaving my pets, but I no longer have to worry about it! Cuddles is the best!!!

10/30/2018  Grace B.
Cuddles & Tails has the absolute BEST customer service. Hands down. Suzy runs this business with sincerity and unparalleled attention to detail. It is clear that she takes pride in how smoothly her operation runs. Both Natalia and Roza have taken care of my kitties over the past year (+) and have been lifesavers, as I travel frequently for my job and often times have to plan trips at the last minute. They are responsive and always come to the rescue in these sticky situations. Most importantly, they take excellent care of my kitties while I am away, play with them for extended periods of time, and send lots of photos and a comprehensive email detailing how the cats are doing to ensure I'm in the know. I cannot possibly write enough to do justice to C&T's service, but I am deeply appreciative for all they've done to give me a bit more peace while I am away from home. Thank you, Suzy!

10/30/2018  Monica G.
Outstanding service and professionalism delivered with a personal touch. My husband and I have hired Cuddles and Tails twice--once for a few days and once for two weeks--for our seven-year-old cat, and both times we were very satisfied. Each day the sitter sent a comprehensive report and photos, and she brought a bag of toys, which I think our cat really enjoyed. She was very responsive to requests. We returned to a happy, non-stressed, non-neurotic cat and clean litter boxes. I highly recommend Cuddles and Tails to anyone looking for peace of mind while they are away from their pets. These folks are true pampering professionals.

10/29/2018  Leigh C.
Suzy and her team at Cuddles and Tails have been a lifesaver for me since moving to Manhattan. They are available and responsive at all hours and at a last minute's notice. Her staff are professional and caring, and get along beautifully with my temperamental cat. They leave my apartment cleaner than I had it! Could not give higher praise for this service.

10/25/2018   Kristen P.
Cuddles and tails have been a godsend since I moved to NYC with my fur babies. I travel frequently and sometimes for weeks at a time globally....even though it breaks my heart to leave them. They have always nurtured my kitties and sent lots of pics and videos to help ease my anxiety. Both sitters I've had have been not only animals lovers but also thorough at keeping up all the dishes/ meds/ etc.
I also have to travel last minute and email Suzy sometimes in the middle of the night. I always wake up knowing she provided a response. I even recently moved and it helped tremendously to know I could walk the sitter through any new changes and they could accommodate my new home. I truly appreciate their love for our animals and all the cuddles they provide. BIG thanks to Natalia and Rosanna who have taken excellent care of my princesses.

10/10/2018   Jason G.
I'm hesitant to write this review because I'd like to keep C&T my secret. Suzy has boarded my french bulldog a half dozen times over the last 2 years, and I only have praise--boarded sounds cruel, its more like pampered and spoiled. I mean, she gets to sleep in a princess bed! It's always stressful to leave my dog, but Suzy's daily summary and daily photos really take the edge off. I think what's most telling is my dog now drags me to C&T when I say Suzy. Your dog is in good hands here.

9/7/2018  Heather M.
I use C&T every time I have to board my dog and Suzy is just the most amazing woman!
I was a little nervous at first, as my 8 year old dachshund Lily, has some severe separation anxiety (I adopted her when my grandmother passed away), and the other times I had boarded her elsewhere she wouldn't eat and would stress herself out so much, she'd get sick. Suzy was so understanding and went above and beyond to make sure that Lily settled down well with her the first time I left her. I don't think anyone else has ever made Lily so happy and comfortable!
While doing the meet & greet to make sure that Lily and Suzy got along, Suzy wrote down the routine I have with her (walks, how often to feed her and how much) and then every time I have come back, she double checks if anything has changed. The dedication to keeping my diva happy and comfortable while I'm away is so much more than I could have ever expected from Suzy and I'm so appreciative!
Suzy also sends daily updates with photos of Lily hanging out and playing with any of the other dogs that are also staying there. They are always such a comfort to me and knowing that my Lily is well allows me to really enjoy my trip without worrying and that benefit is priceless!   I highly recommend Suzy to anyone that is thinking of boarding their dog, I really don't think you'll find anyone better!

7/22/2018  Lis F.
We've used C&T several times over the past year cannot be any happier. It's always tough leaving our little guy and I was nervous the first time as I have never had to leave him alone. However, each day I received an comprehensive email filled with photos of a happy content Bean. This process is used each and every time they come and we have some of the best photos of Bean courtesy of Natalia! Thank you for being there for us Suzy and Natalia, you are very much appreciated.

6/20/2018  Jillian M.
I have been using Cuddles and Tails for about a year now and they have been amazing! I can always count on them for last minute trips. Suzy is quick to reply and super professional and pleasant. My cat Bubba loves Roza and I'm sure to come home to a happy kitty. Also love the daily updates and photos!

2/23/2018  Carly T.
Suzy and the Cuddles team have been taking care of our cat, Pebbles, for years now, and we could not be happier. Recently, our pet fell ill while we were away, and Suzy immediately knew something was wrong and took our cat to the vet. I'm happy to say Pebbles is back to her healthy and grumpy self; if it were not for Suzy, we might not be so fortunate. You never know when something unfortunate might happen, but with these critter loving folks, you're always in good hands.

2/12/2018  Caroline B.
My mini dachshund Biggie stays with Suzy whenever my boyfriend and I leave town, and he is always thrilled to go.  He runs into her apt with such excitement that it makes us feel less guilty about leaving! Not only does Suzy take incredibly good care of him, but he also gets to play with other dogs and ends up better socialized (and exhausted) after he leaves! Suzy is truly the only person I've ever been able to trust - she loves dogs and she provides personalized attention that is unmatched. She checks in every day and always makes me feel that biggie is safe and happy. I don't know what I'd do without her!!

2/11/2018  Ashley B
I cannot say enough lovely things about Cuddles and Tails. I came to them after having a very bad experience with a previous cat sitter, and I was nervous. But Suzy and Natalia were so kind and thoughtful and THOROUGH in taking notes about my kitty, his eating schedule, his quirks (he learned how to open my fridge...on his own). They always sent plenty of cute pictures and detailed updates while I was away. Everything was clean and tidy when I got home. Natalia would even go above and beyond to bring my packages in for me. My kitty was always so happy to see her. Even when my plans changed and I had to update his visiting schedule with them, they were always able to accommodate. I'm so sad I'm moving if only because it means I'll have to find a new sitter. We'll miss you Suzy and team!

10/07/2017  Blair B.

I am so happy that I was told about Cuddles and Tails from a friend. Suzy is a true animal lover, and she treats each pet with personalized care. She understand each pet's unique needs and respects them completely. Daisy loved her time there and can't wait to go back! I've never felt more comfortable leaving Daisy with anyone before.

9/5/2017  Laurentia D.B.
Suzy provides the most loving, impeccable pet care services. My fur baby was absolutely spoiled staying with her including six walks a day, numerous toys, doggy movie night, treats, head massages, and cuddles. Within a day she had all his quirky loves figured out and catered to them beautifully. It is so hard to have to trust someone with your fur baby but I have complete peace of mind leaving him with Suzy. She is supremely organized, knowledgeable about breeds, and an obvious animal lover. When I picked him up, his love for Suzy was very evident. In fact, I query whether he wanted to come home with me at all he was so happy staying with Suzy and the other little pet companions he had. Cannot recommend Suzy more highly

7/24/2017  Megan K.
Just wanted to say, three years later and I still use Cuddles every time I go out of town! These days, Rossana looks after my antisocial cat, and she is so conscientious and reliable (and equally good at getting a pic of him each day, even when he is sulking under the bed). The whole Cuddles team is great!

6/4/2017  E.B
We absolutely love Cuddles and Tails - we've used their cat-sitting service and our sitter Rossana follows our overly complicated (crazy cat parents) instructions to the tee and follows up with amazing photos and emails whenever she makes a visit! As others have said, Suzy coordinates everything and is in touch extremely quickly with booking/payment-related matters. Our cat Ollie is always extremely happy and relaxed when we get home, and the apartment is always spotless.

6/8/2017  Vivian D.
It's always hard to leave our three kitties behind and enjoy our travels but with the help of Suzy and her team at Cuddles and Tails, it is possible!
We've used Cuddles and Tails on three occasions and each time we were able to enjoy our short get-away knowing our fur babies were looked after.  They received daily visits from their assigned care giver (Rossana, who has been a pleasure to interact with) who sent us a daily photo journal report.  It's gives us peace of mind that our beloved kitties are being fed, given fresh water daily and a little bit of playtime to put them at ease.
Upon our return, all 3 kitties were at the door when we got into our apartment which was great greeting to receive!  They usually are hiding when we get back from vacation and takes them a moment to acclimate to us again which makes traveling for us stressful but this time we felt very at ease upon our return.    We were glad to hear from Rossana that one of our kitties was coming around and being social with her. So that makes two out of three! 
We feel very comfortable with the staff Suzy has in place and aren't worried about them being in our home in our absence.  We see them as professional and trustworthy and we are so glad Suzy provides this service for New Yorkers.

1/16/2017  Alexandra J.
I've been using Cuddles and Tails services for a couple years now. They are reliable, efficient and very reassuring - i wouldn't go elsewhere for pet sitting services! I love the updates and pictures of my kitty that are sent through after each visit. I know that my travels are no longer a lonely time for my cat as he looks forward to his playtime and cuddles with Rossana. Thank you Suzy & the Cuddles team for providing such an important and seamless service XXX

1/6/2017  Daniel G.
I've been using Cuddles and Tails for a few years now, and can't recommend them highly enough. It is great to have a trusted and reliable service to look after my cat. Whether it's a trip I've planned months in advance or last minute, I know I get fast responses, highly professional and extremely friendly care.
Each time I come back from vacation, I find a very happy cat in a well maintained apartment-food and litter box area spotless. I know by looking at her that she's had a great time being cared for by Suzy, Rosanna, or the others who have looked after her over the years. I am sent detailed notes and photos daily via email, and I never have to worry.
C&T is responsive, courteous, trustworthy and I'm very glad to have found them!

12/29/2016  Shawn H.
They did an excellent job of looking after my cat both times I've used their service. I love that they send pictures and check in every day. All my plants were watered and the litter box very clean. I highly recommend them and will only use them for my pet sitting needs.

12/29/2016  Leigh C.
Cuddles and Tails is the only service I trust to watch my babies. As someone with a crazy, often unpredictable work schedule, I especially appreciate their flexibility and quick, 24/7 response time. They give my cat the extra personalized TLC when I'm away, and it's been huge stress relief since working with them. They are so very lovely.

12/5/2016  Cindy F.
We been clients of Suzy for about 2.5-3yrs. We boarded our 16yr old chihuahua 3x both with Suzy and once at her Brooklyn location. Never disappoint and she has been tremendous in caring for our dog well all her clients' pets as we seen her work with them at her place and we wouldn't know what we would do without her now when we are away. Our senior has become quite rigorous in terms of an all around the clock here and Suzy has met those expectations each time and beyond. We even felt bad when we got back to hear that our dog didn't even let her sleep! but she handled it in such a caring and understanding way and never once did we worried about our dog while we were away. That was huge for us and I don't think anyone could've done that for us except Suzy. So thank you for your consistent, professional and absolutely caring service for our Mr. Bebe.

12/4/2016   John H.
Suzie is very attentive and caring of her clients pets. We have a 16 year old chihuahua with a heart murmur and separation anxiety. She was very patient and kept us updated everyday about how he is doing and how he is behaving. We started to look forward to the updates because she included photos of him along with how he's doing so we get to see him everyday!! We trust her implicitly with our dog and will definitely board with her again.

8/24/2016   MC M
Cuddles was recommended to me from a close friend, and it has made all the difference!  I used to get anxious whenever I left the city and had to leave my pup overnight anywhere - I was concerned he was being mistreated at the typical doggy care places in the area.  At Cuddles I know he will be well taken care of - actually, he might be better treated at Cuddles than when he's at home, just look at the pictures of the dogs in the big white canopy bed!  The last time we went to Cuddles my pup got all excited when we approached the front door and ran up the stairs - a good sign that he loves the place, and I've never experienced this before at previous doggy overnight places.
A well deserved five stars :)

3/23/2016   Yang W.
Amazing!!! I can't say enough nice words about Suzy and her caring for dogs. She takes super cute pictures of our baby dog and send them everyday with an update. We feel very happy that we found her. Our dog always seems to have a fantastic time over there. I highly recommend Cuddles and feels like our dog is having his own little vacation over there!

3/9/2016  Nina B.
I know I will come back to a happy kitty when Suzy and the Cuddles and Tails team is taking care of my cat. I love the email updates with lots of pictures each visit, and I never worry when I'm away knowing my cat is in good hands!

1/27/2016  Katie M.
Cuddles and tails is a 5 star business. Honestly. Suzy and Rossana are true animal lovers and it shines through in their service. They even came to my place during the blizzard we had,  caring for my sweet cat while I was away on my trip. Not only do they provide top notch and efficient service they send SO many cute playtime photos and even take custom request - for me, that's turning on the bathtub so my cat can let it drip on her head. They don't forget either :) can't recommend them enough.

1/25/2016  Meral K.
Simply the best! Since I moved to NYC more than a year ago, I tried several cat sitters and that search ended once I found Suzy and her team. The overall professionalism and the care are wonderful. I travel quite frequently so finding a reliable service was essential for me. I  have two old cats who need medication and they are so shy finding or retrieving them from their hiding places is not always easy. Here I especially would like to mention Rossana, who as a magician, always manages to find them to medicate and feed them, and yes,  to cuddle with them. She is one of the kindest people I met and I leave my cats to her with great trust. I get daily updates with tons of pictures that put my mind at ease when I am away. When I get back home I know they have been brushed properly, because mine are true hairballs who need daily TLC or they get these awful knots.  They are always in good spirits when I get back and probably disappointed that Rossana didn't show up instead! I highly recommend their services.

1/18/2016   Dan F.
Tl;Dr; Cuddles and Tails for president.
Suzy personally took care of my 2 cats while I was away for the holidays.  Each day she sent me photos of the cats and their toys, and how clean their food and litter boxes were.  I getting her emails everyday and it was a relief knowing my 2 cats were well taken care of when I was on my trip.
Cuddles and Tails is the best pet sitting service and I recommend you get in touch ahead of time to make sure you secure a sitter, especially during busy times.  They are popular so keep that in mind.

1/7/2016   Haley H.
Cuddles and Tails is the best pet care service I have ever encountered. Suzy and her gang love animals so I am always excited for my kitty to have some love from her when I am away. Suzy always brings toys galore and takes lots of fun pictures while I'm away so I can see what my kitty is up to. Cuddles and tails does everything - feeding, brushing, changing litter, playing and loving! They do not miss a beat!

1/2/2016  Dan F.
I can't say enough about Suzy and the Cuddles and Tails team. We used them for 2 years until we moved out of NYC and I wish we could have taken them with us. We moved to SF and every time we go on a trip, we are missing having Suzy and Team taking care of the cats.
Don't take them for granted because this level of service doesn't come around often, not only in pet services but even outside of it. My wife and I would often rave about how lucky we were to have found Suzy.  Suzy loves pets, but you can also tell that she loves providing a top-notch service and runs her pet services company like a CEO who wants to make every single customer happy and goes above and beyond what is normal to please the customer. I can't tell you how rare it is to find this combination, especially when looking for pet services.
We have 3 cats and I will say a few things that made our experience with Suzy amazing and point out a few things which we valued when we were looking for pet services, that hopefully help you:
- Cuddles will first come by to your place to get acquainted with the space and your pets.  She makes you feel super comfortable and you can tell Suzy&co have a huge love for pets.  The people Suzy hires are also top notch.  The first time she came, Suzy even gave us recommendations for the best food and litter options for our cats and we are happy we moved on to the food she recommended and you can see it in the coats of our cats.
- Cuddles will come by either 1 or 2 times a day, depending on your preference.  
- Each visit is followed by a paragraph or two of notes detailing how the pets were and by 15-20 pictures of play time with the cats and pictures of clean litters, and clean food and water bowls.  The background on my phone  for the past year is actually one of the pictures one of Suzy's team members took of one of our cats during a visit.
- Suzy is SUPER accommodating. I can't tell you how many times we decided to go on a trip at the last minute, or decided to cancel with very little advanced notice.  You can tell Suzy cares about her clients and understands the reality of travel by not charging her clients any extra for this.
- Cuddles is super professional - they will send you an invoice with all services rendered as soon as you decide to book.
- Cuddles also at times gave medicine to our cats, fed our fishes, and watered our plants.

I can't tell you how much better our trips are knowing that we would be getting pictures and details of our beloved cats.  

All these points above sound simple, but Cuddles executes them very very well.   We took Suzy for granted and now that we are in SF, we are very much missing her services.

12/11/2015  Lillian M.
I'm so grateful to have discovered Cuddles and Tails. Suzy and her team are extremely professional, dedicated and kind! I finally can travel with peace of mind, knowing that my princess is in excellent hands and happy.

9/12/2015   Lauren P.
Suzy is the best!!
My husband and I have brought our 1 year old french bulldog to Camp Cuddles multiple times and we can't rave about it enough!  Every time our dog shows up she is greeted with open arms and she absolutely loves seeing Suzy.  Since we are relatively new dog owners we were hesitant at first to leave our pup with anyone besides family but now we don't think twice to call Suzy.  She sends daily emails with the cutest pictures which gives us peace of mind that she is in great hands. Suzy is extremely flexible with scheduling and loves every pet as if they were her own. I would recommend Camp Cuddles to everyone!!

7/15/2015   Allison L. 
Lawrence is amazing! The best cat sitter in the city I think. He's looked after my cat twice now over the past 2 years (each time for 10 days+) and he takes the best care of her. I wouldn't leave her with anyone else at this point. The daily photos and updates he sends put me so at ease while I'm travelling and she always comes home to me in a great mood (maybe even better than before!). He takes great care to establish what each animal's needs are and accommodate them. He knows a lot about cats and their behavior and temperaments and it makes all the difference. He even went above and beyond when I had to delay my return home after a missed flight and looked after her. I cannot tell you how special he is. Plays with the cats, takes great care with their food and water needs, lots of brushing and petting. Absolutely 5 stars - I would recommend him to anyone looking for the BEST!

7/1/2015   Kim H.
Lawrence was wonderful!  He came recommended by a friend, and so I knew that I could count on him to take good care of my cat while I was away.  And he did not let me down! I loved all the daily photos I received while I was away and I could tell my cat was also very pleased (much less hissing upon my return than with other pet sitters!).  Will definitely be reaching out for his services again!

7/6/2015  Beth B.
I recently boarded my 9 month old kitten with Suzy for 10 days and cannot say enough good things about the experience! Suzy took great care in getting to know about Chloe before her stay and stayed in great communication with me throughout - including a follow up after I returned! The space where Chloe stayed was beautiful, safe, clean, and fun, stocked full of awesome feline amenities, toys, and an exceptionally well kept environment... Such as the litter box cleaned frequently, linens and even the rug washed regularly, no outdoor shoes allowed in, fresh food and water, A/C, music, window perch, etc. I loved the daily emails and multiple pictures I received too. As a somewhat anxious kitty mom, I was thrilled to find that I literally didn't worry once about my little baby. This was far beyond worth the money, which was also incredibly reasonable compared to other less than adequate alternatives out there. Thank you Suzy and Cuddles & Tails! I'm officially a loyal fan and customer :)

6/6/2015   Allison P
Lawrence is simply fantastic :). We felt that our kitten was at home with him. Everyday Lawrence sent news and pics what made us feel closer to our pet. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about taking care of pets. We'll definitely use his services again.

5/26/2015  Nessa H.
Lawrence is amazing! I am a first time user, and was nervous about leaving my kitty alone for a long weekend. I found Cuddles and Tails through yelp, and boy were the reviews right!!! Lawrence sent me a ton of photos everyday letting my know how things were going and when I got home my cat was in the best mood. Thank you Cuddles and Tails!

3/5/2015   Berkeley R.
This recommendation is long overdue as I've been a client for nearly 2 years. But I cannot say enough amazing things about Suzy and her team! Suzy is extremely professional and accommodating and I know that she is taking the utmost care of my two little girls. Whenever we drop them off, they are SO excited to see Suzy and don't even care when I leave anymore ;)
She is very careful to keep them on the same schedule that they have at home and I feel confident she is keeping them as safe as possible. She treats my dogs like part of her family and lets them cuddle on the couch with her for movie night. It's not your typical "boarding" experience. The daily email updates with photos are the best! My husband and I look so forward to our "pupdates" when on vacation!
The girls have also stayed with Lawrence and had a wonderful time! And we've recently had visits from Danielle and they love her!
I would give 10 stars if I could!

3/4/2015  Erin M.
It's torture leaving your pet, but if you must go away without them, Cuddles and Tails is the best way to ease your worries.  Lawrence has now cared for my cat on two separate occasions, and I could not be happier with the service.  I am a worrier, and constantly thinking about everything that can go wrong while I'm gone.  Lawrence was great keeping me up to date on my cat's well-being, and always patiently answering my emails.   His care and attentiveness set my mind at ease while I was away.  It's a relief knowing that my cat is in such capable hands while I'm gone.  They are an outstanding service for anyone who (like me) may be slightly obsessive about their pets!

1/30/2015   David Z.
I leave town for a few days at least once a month, and Lawrence from Cuddles' Midtown has been coming by to check on my cat, Whisky, daily during those trips.   Whisky does not give her affection easily, but Lawrence has won her over.  I know that my cat and my home are in good hands.
He also sends photos at the end of each visit, which are fun to see.
I definitely recommend using Lawrence for pet-sitting services.

1/1/2015  Edward C.
Amazing service from Lawrence at cuddles midtown. I requested cat sitting service last minute before the holidays and he was happily able to accommodate. He stopped by for a walk through visit to see any specific care nuance and answered all questions. During the daily visits, he emailed pictures of my cats.
I will be a repeat customer and I definitely recommend cuddles!

1/22/2015  Emily A.
Suzy was absolutely amazing with my little girl this past weekend when I was out of the country. She gave daily updates with beautiful pictures, with a fun little story about what her and my pup Remy were up too! I am soooo happy I found her and I feel totally at ease now knowing I have her to count on for any trip I take in the near future!

12/15/2014  Arielle D.
I have been a client of Suzy's for about a year now and can't say enough positive things about the service. The house is always in amazing, the kitties are always happy, and the plants - always watered! I know she is a VERY busy woman, but she has always been available even for a last minute request or a needed extension.  Needless to say - she has been a LIFESAVER.  Even my usually VERY shy kitties will come out to say hello for her :)

9/11/2014   Lucia C.
Lawrence is a dog whisperer! My pup (well, she's 70 lbs, but always a puppy to me!) took an immediately liking to him and I felt completely comfortable leaving her in his hands. He really loves animals, and it shows. In addition, he sent me a couple of pictures of Cleo throughout the day, which alleviating any lingering anxiety I had about leaving her in the hands of a new person for the day. I'll definitely be a repeat customer! Thanks Lawrence!

9/3/2014  Marina F.
After a few really bad experiences with pet sitters, I'm glad we finally found Suzy to take care of our two babies. One of our dogs, a Westie, has IBD and manages to eat everything you can think of (toy stuffing, advil, sandals..), so it is imperative that she stays in a clean and controlled environment. She also has tons of energy, so she needs LOTS of attention and exercise - no easy task.
We were very nervous about leaving them with Suzy for two weeks, but we were pleasantly surprised by her services - she is very professional, always available to answer our questions and, the best of all, our dogs love her and were very comfortable at her place. We're never leaving them with anyone else.
Suzy also introduced us to Danielle, our dog walker, who also does an amazing job. She sends pictures after every walk, and our babies always look happy and more relaxed when we get home.

8/7/2014  Kathleen P.
Lawrence is awesome.  He takes care of my cat on a regular basis when I'm traveling, responding super quickly to emails and accommodating my frequent last-minute requests and schedule changes.  I get daily updates and photos of my little gal and trust that she's getting some good love and attention along with the basics.  After a particularly unpleasant experience with a previous cat sitter, my faith is restored!  I'd recommend these guys to anyone.  Couldn't be happier.

8/5/2014   Lauren C.
I love this place! The staff is super friendly and I feel so comfortable knowing the pets are being cared for by a great staff!

8/4/2014  Monica C.
Suzy is amazing.  Sends photos every visit and I know my kitten was very well taken care of and happy.  Will definitely use her every time I travel.

8/2/2014   Allison L.
I almost didn't want to write this review, because I want Lawrence all to myself! However, his services deserve to be praised, so here I am.
I have a slightly neurotic cat, and, as a slightly neurotic cat owner, I was concerned about leaving him alone while I visited family out of state last year. After some serious vetting, I chose Lawrence and reserved a space for my cat to be boarded at his apartment. Lawrence gave me references without hesitation (who all had glowing things to say as well), and was flexible on drop-off/pick-up times.
When I brought my cat over to his apartment, I felt like a mom dropping off her kid at camp. I had packed everything, and my cat was less than thrilled to be in this new place where he couldn't see the pigeons on his usual windowsill. Lawrence immediately put us both at ease by helping my cat acclimate in the bathroom, and going over the daily schedule with me, making sure he knew all my cat's quirks, likes and dislikes. He showed me the toys and litterbox, and eventually my cat sauntered out of the bathroom and found a favorite scratcher to lounge on. Lawrence made me feel completely comfortable leaving - I was probably more worked up than my cat, who had found a suitable window space and was falling asleep already.
Almost 10 minutes later, Lawrence sent me an email with a quick update, showing me a recent picture of my cat lounging. Throughout my time away, Lawrence continued to send updates complete with tons of pictures. He's a great cat photographer and captures some really nice shots! I also got an update on how he's eating, sleeping and playing daily.
When I got back to the city, my cat was happy, healthy and seeming to love his "vacation spot"! I have since used Lawrence's service to board my cat two additional times, and each has been just as successful and impressive. His apartment is beautiful and clean, and he gives his "guest" the run of the place - my cat loved exploring and finding fun spots to sleep and hide. I love having such a trusted service available to me, and I love that my cat gets a chance to relax and unwind in the luxury of Lawrence's apartment!

7/24/2014   Shirin S.
Cuddles and Tails is such a wonderful place to take your pet if you have to leave them with anyone.  My dog is a little timid and after staying with Suzy, she has really grown to enjoy the time she spends away from us!  Suzy treats every pet she cares for as if they were her own and I love the updates I receive daily when my dog stays with her!  I never have to worry whenever my dog stays with her, which is a huge relief when I have to travel!

6/26/2014  Martina C.
I was really nervous about the thought of having a stranger take care of my cat, Isabelle, and being in my apartment. Requires a lot of trust but I needed an economical solution and wanted my cat to feel comfortable in her surroundings and know she would prefer to be at home. As soon as I met Suzy I felt very comfortable. She is super professional and really cares about each animal under her care. She visited Isabelle 3 times over the course of the time I was away (as we had pre-arranged) and every time she visited she sent me a wonderful update email with lots of pictures showing all of the details about Isabelle and the apartment. I felt excited to know I would be getting an update on Isabelle while I was away and knew with absolute certainty she was being well taken care-of. It was really nice coming home to all of my mail organized on my table, clean litter box area and food area and a calm cat!
I will be using Cuddles & Tails again anytime I am away! Amazing service. Thanks again Suzy!!

6/18/2014   Caroline W.
Suzy at Cuddles and Tails is both a serious cat lover and also a consummate professional. 
I could tell that she had a deep affinity for animals the moment she met my cat, which is important to me because I want my kitty to get TLC when I'm away as much as I need him to be fed and watered.  He is now so spoiled by her visits that I have to increase playtime just to keep him happy.  Suzy sends an email after every visit with lots of photos of both my cat and the food and litter areas.  She also keeps everything spotlessly clean. 
Suzy also runs her business well, with clear invoices and prompt emails.  In short, I highly recommend working with her.  She's the best!

5/3/2014   Dana L.
The best there is!!! I would never leave my dog with anyone else! So happy that I found them:) We can now travel without worrying or feeling bad that we left her. It's literally a vacation for our dog.

1/24/2014   F.H.
I honestly cannot imagine taking my precious little frenchie anywhere other than cuddles!! it really is worth organising your trip around availability because your little furbaby cannot be in ANY better care than with Suzy...
The updates and fantastic photos everyday are such a highlight and you can rest easy knowing they are getting one on one attention and plenty of play and love. My baby always comes back freshly washed and in great shape...she goes crazy when she sees suzy with excitement!
Suzy is also amazing at any special conditions or requests needed such as allergy treatment in our case and takes extra care to stick to any special instructions and regular routines...
It makes owning a pet so much easier knowing that when you go out of town your pet is well taken care of and has such a great time! we would be lost without cuddles!

5/17/2014  Renee K
I have been a client of Suzy for about 2 years now and her service remains WONDERFUL. I want to write an update because despite her immense popularity and busy schedule, she is consistent, super professional, prompt, lovely, and takes great care of all her clients. I emailed inquiries about boarding (the boarding suite that Suzy provides is truly fit for a cat princess. It has a princess bed and plenty of room to roam around. No cage!) and she responded with detailed descriptions and pictures.

She is super responsive and responds to many of my (last-minute) requests to care for Miss Roxy almost immediately. She knows and remembers instructions that I gave her from day 1 and I never have to think about pet care as I run off to catch a flight. You cannot find better service anywhere!

4/23/2014  Grace C.
I couldn't be happier with Cuddles & Tails and Lawrence's services in the Midtown location. About a year ago, I was leaving for a week-long trip and couldn't fall back on the usual family/friends to look after my cat. Feeling anxious, I did a lot of research online and was impressed by all the glowing reviews at Cuddles & Tails. It seemed too good to be true, but it really is exactly what you'll expect.

I've left my cat for boarding with Lawrence many times now and he is always super friendly, attentive and extremely professional. My cat has grown so comfortable with Lawrence during his boarding visits. He almost seems a little disappointed to be back home with us! I love the daily email updates and pictures while I'm away and feel confident (and at ease) that my cat is in the best hands. Lawrence is amazing! If you want your pets to be looked after with great care, empathy, attention and knowledge, I highly recommend Cuddles & Tails.

1/21/2014  Hayley P.
The best pet sitting company in the city!!!
I first boarded my 6 month old kitten in a facility called The Cat Practice, and while they were great, my kitten was very shaken when I picked her up.  The process of boarding and keeping her in a cage did not sit well with her.  So I looked up the most recommended Pet-Sitting company on yelp and found Cuddles and Tails. 
I am SO glad I did.  Lawrence contacted me immediately with a detailed description of their services and daily rates.  He requested we meet in person first to get better acquainted and to meet my kitten, Piper.  He is very knowledgeable and has a great connection with cats and dogs, and it doesn't hurt how incredibly friendly and personable he is. I was able to ask him a variety of questions and even asked advice when it came to training Piper. 
While I was away, Lawrence visited once a day.  He changed the water bowl, fed Piper AND my fish, cleaned the litter box, and played with her for a half hour!  I also received an email each day with photos of Piper playing and photos of the fully stocked food/water bowls just to put me at ease. 
But the most amazing thing about Lawrence was how he went above and beyond.  I didn't have enough cat food or cat litter for the two weeks while I was away and he graciously offered to pick some up for me on his way to work!  We also had an issue where a friend of mine locked the deadbolt on my door and Lawrence was unable to get in.  Luckily Lawrence was prepared for just that.  He notified me immediately to let me know that Piper had enough food set out for another day or two and that the following day he would give Piper some extra attention. He's the best!
All in all I highly recommend Lawrence from Cuddles & Tails to anyone who is looking for an attentive and professional cat sitter.

1/7/2014   Leanne B.
Suzy is amazing! It puts our minds at ease knowing our cat is with her instead of at a typical kennel. We look forward to the daily emails with pictures and you can just tell she knows what she's doing and she really cares about your pet. Oh, and her house is IMMACULATE. You would never know she boards pets for a living. Can't say enough good things, highly recommend Cuddles & Tails!

1/4/2014   Megan M.
I moved to New York in March and immediately was anxious about finding a good cat sitter. In LA, my cat sitter was amazing, and I wanted to find someone who was not only as kind but loved my cats as much as I do. Suzy and Cuddles & Tails to the rescue. I travel a great deal for work, sometimes at the last minute, and Suzy has become a lifesaver. When I'm away I receive daily emails with a ton of pictures so I know what's going on at home. It's great to get that daily report explaining how much food they ate, their temperament, and just a little snapshot of their day.
I recently went away  for a week and shortly after coming home, both of my cats were sick. I emailed Suzy to see if they had exhibited any symptoms while I was gone and I got a response within seconds. Thanks to her help I was able to figure out that the cats had gotten into a toxin left behind by a cleaning lady after Suzy had left for the day (the day before I returned home). Not only was that incredibly helpful for the vet, but then I received daily check-in emails on the cats health. It was so appreciated to know that even when she wasn't 'on the clock', she was deeply concerned about my pets' health. Whenever I travel I know that my pets' are in the best care possible and it really helps. I cannot recommend Suzy enough.

1/3/2014   L. M.
Words cannot describe how happy we are - and you will be too - with Suzy at Cuddles and Tails.  She is everything you could want in someone looking after your pet and more.  My delay in writing this review was the dilemma that if word gets out just how great Suzy is, she will get so busy we will have to book further in advance! :) 
It was daunting at first trying to find a reliable cat sitter after moving to New York.  We love our kitty and were worried about leaving her when we went on vacation in New York.  After a few very disappointing encounters with other pet sitters, we found Suzy - we are so glad we did!!
Suzy is super-organized and efficient.  She responds quickly to emails and calls.  She will confirm the appointment beforehand (not expect you to chase her around for confirmation).  She will turn up (unlike some pet sitters we have had in the past!).  She will send you a daily email confirming she has been with an update about your pet for the day giving you the peace of mind that she has been there.  She takes photos of the clean litter box and food areas. 
She is so good that she will even move the pet bowls into a different order so you can see it is a different day.  But, there is no obligation to respond to her emails while you are on vacation (a true vacation!).  She also invoices you - so this is a legitimate enterprise (unlike "cash only" encounters with prospective cat sitters in our past).
Best of all, she brings a heap of new toys for your pet and takes the most adorable photos of your pet every day and sends you a ton.  In every photo we have seen our cat has been joyfully playing with the heap of toys Suzy has brought to spoil her in our absence (we can't even get her to take that much interest in toys!).  She can even recommend the toys your cat loves the most and where to get them.
We can tell that Suzy cares for our cat just as much as we do and our cat just loves her.  When we need to be away from home, Suzy makes sure that there is one less thing to worry about and that your pet will be getting very, very well taken care of - we have 100% confidence in her and she does a brilliant job.

12/30/2013   Ashley D.
Suzy is the best - hands down!  I have had some terrible experiences with pet sitters in NYC and after the second time, I found Suzy.  She is meticulous about her business and the quality of service she provides, and it shows.  She has always accommodated us whenever we have needed it - even during the very busy holiday season.  What you can expect:  quality service, daily emails with full description of your pet's condition, mood and the service she provides, and upon your return, a spotlessly clean home and happy animals!
Honestly, I think my cats are actually disappointed when I get home because they love Suzy so much.  We love receiving the photo updates each day while we're away.
Thank you Suzy!!!  Highly recommended!

12/29/2013   Jay W.
Lawrence from Cuddles and Tails Midtown took care of my three cats while I was away during the week of Christmas. Each day he visited my apartment and gave me an update w/ pictures on how the cats were doing. Pricing was very reasonable, even during a holiday.

12/12/2013   Rob B.
Lawrence helped us out with our two cats when we were gone for vacation. Very professional, trustworthy, and always provided pictures during every visit. Also great with communication. Happy with the service and will undoubtedly use them again. Worth paying the slightly higher price to get someone you trust.

11/7/2013    Jackie T.  Updated review
This is my second review and if I could give Suzy and Cuddles 10 stars, it would still not be enough.
My little kitty is very playful and mischievous but when Suzy is checking in on him I know I have nothing to worry about. She always gives him plenty of playtime and attention as well as food and water after all, all that playing builds up an appetite.
Suzy goes above and beyond to make sure your pet is happy, healthy and well looked after while you're gone. Plus, she sends picture updates to make sure you're having the best possible time while away and not worrying about your pet.
I truly cannot recommend Suzy and C&T enough!![5.0 star rating]

1/8/2013  Jackie T. Previous review
I cannot recommend Cuddles and Tails, and Suzy herself, highly enough! I was very nervous about letting a complete stranger in my home but Suzy put me at ease the second she walked in. She was professional, asked all the right questions and my cat was instantly taken to her.
I have used Suzy several times over the past year and am always thrilled with the service she provides. She feeds your pet according to the guidelines you give her, cleans and washes all the bowls and in my case, scoops and cleans my little guys litter. It's sad to admit, but it usually looks better after Suzy has been in there then most days of the week... and on top of it all? She gives lots of playtime, cuddles and treats! 
And still, it gets even better! Suzy sends updates and the most amazing pictures every time she checks in. The pictures are a true comfort while being away. I love knowing my cat is in great spirits and it puts me at ease and let's me actually enjoy my vacation instead of worrying what's going at home.
Truly cannot recommend her enough. If you need a pet sitter, Suzy is by far the best!

10/28/2013  Angela K.
I just took a 5 day vacation out of the country and left my 4 lb. Chihuahua with Suzy. The experience could not have gone better. Every day I got emails with updates and photos that put my mind at ease. Suzy has a kind and gentle demeanor that my timid rescue dog very much responded to. She's intuitive and you can tell she has a genuine love for animals. I will use her EVERY time I'm not able to take my dog with me. I found my perfect pet sitter

9/30/2013   Imran A.
I have used Suzy's help with our very attention-hungry cat for over a year now - for long and short durations of time. With respect to setting up and scheduling, Suzy has always been prompt, efficient and very responsive. And as for taking care of our very attention-hungry cat, she has been absolutely wonderful. We have always come back to a happy, healthy and clean cat. Her diligence at taking pictures of him and reporting back consistently and in detail every day has been very welcome and we really appreciate it. Suzy also really takes the time to play with our cat and brush him and make sure that he is truly well and happy. Even when he makes an extra mess, she deals with it with no problem at all and has always been extremely gracious and loving toward our cat. I highly recommend her help and let is suffice to say that I have already requested her help three months out!

9/23/2013   Paolo M.
Suzy is caring, kind, considerate and really enjoys sitting for your cats. I feel like my two cats get 5 star service when Suzy is there, and the photos she sends me shows me that they are really enjoying her company! I would and do recommend Suzy to anyone who needs a cat sitter.

9/5/2013   Ellery K.
If you want someone to watch over your pet while you are away then Cuddles and Tails is the way to go!  Suzy goes the extra mile to make sure your pet is given the proper attention it needs plus lots of love.
Our dog loves Suzy and for good reason.  Your pet will love her too.
I highly recommend Suzy and would leave my dog in her care without reservation.

8/1/2013   Lauren S.
i recently boarded my cat, max, with suzy for two weeks while i was on vacation.  it was max's first time being boarded, and the experience seriously could not have been better.  suzy was incredibly thorough - she even did a pre-boarding interview at cuddles to go over all the relevant information and to give max the chance to sniff around a bit.  the apartment is just beautiful, and suzy clearly takes incredible care to make sure that everything is as comfortable and soothing as possible for all the animals that stay there.  i got to have a totally stress-free vacation, knowing that max was comfy and happy (and suzy even sends a daily email with pictures, so you know all is well).  can't recommend cuddles highly enough!

7/24/2013    Geoffrey J.
I travel a lot and have boarded my dogs many places over the years with mixed results.  I am generally not happy with a cageless environment and the overstimulation it gives my Bostons.  I decided to try the more personal attention that Suzy provides, and I could not have been happier.  The daily email updates with pictures were most welcome, but most important, I could see that my baby was treated well as soon as I picked him up.  I will definitely use C&T again.

7/11/2013   Geoff R.
Suzy is the best. I can't say enough good things about her, the treatment she provided for my two cats, or the quality of the facilities, so I will just simply say you won't find anyone better.
My only complaint is that my cats loved her so much, they didn't seem excited to see me when I returned to take them home! Honestly, I wouldn't board my cats anywhere else.
Thanks Suzy!

7/5/2013   S.K.
As someone who was initially very reluctant to leave my cat (and home) to the care of "strangers", I have worked with both Suzy and Lawrence and found that they are as sincere, caring and trustworthy as they come.  I recently arranged for Cuddles to take care of my cat over a busy holiday period, but due to an emergency, had to return after the first day on no notice.  I was met with zero hassle or questions and Lawrence was nothing but understanding and flexible, even when I could not be easily reached.  Cuddles is extremely professionally run, but I appreciate that Suzy and Lawrence are able to maintain the personal touch that is rare and essential in the pet-care business.

6/24/2013    Romeo G.
I rescued a cat recently and one of the big considerations before doing so was having a good cat sitter to take care of him when we traveled. I did a broad search of nearby places with good reviews and came across Cuddles and Tails Pet Services. I made arrangements to meet up with Suzy shortly after rescuing our cat to inquire about her services and allow her to check him out and do a behavior test. She was professional, warm, and like a long-time friend who was willing to share all her knowledge about caring for a cat. Needless to say, after that first meeting I was absolutely sure that she was the one, and has proven me correct ever since.
When I'm gone I can count on his feeding to be adhered to, a good amount of play time, and lots of love to keep him warm until I get back. She's responsive and has followed every request we've made of her. Her emails are the highlight of my trip, with pictures and an update on how he's doing. Suzy is not only a leader in these services, but also in how to run any business. Her great attitude, customer service, and responsibility is an example for others and I cannot recommend Cuddles and Tails enough. If you still have doubts, don't hesitate to PM me so that I can answer any questions you might have from a true customer, that's how strongly I believe in Cuddles and Tails and Suzy.

6/24/2013   Alan R.
Suze's service is impeccable.
I am an academic, and I regularly have to travel for research and conferences. A couple of months ago I rescued a cat from a shelter, and since then have used Suze's services twice when traveling for work. She is the consummate professional.
If you are looking for someone who will immediately respond to any pet-sitting request without thinking through the obligation, Suze is not for you. She takes her work seriously, and considers the care of you dog or cat a true commitment. When my husband and I first needed a pet-sitter, we first met with Suze along with our new family member (1) to ensure he would be comfortable at her apartment if he needed to stay there, and (2) to introduce her to our apartment and show her our cat's routine. She takes animals' needs seriously and won't just jump and say "yes" to any sitting job. If you don't have a few hours to go through this process, Suze is not for you. And, really, why would you leave your beloved animal in the care of someone whom you've not met?
The initial consultation goes a long way to instilling confidence. The first pet-sitting experience confirms that confidence. When we left our little cat in Suze's care for the first time, we were excited to see the pictures she sent us. Not only does she visit your home, she takes pictures of your animal eating, playing, and enjoying the company. You know your pet is in good company when the photos arrive. Suze also takes photos showing changed water, food, and litter, just to allay any concerns about your pet's care.
Amazingly, Suze also brings treats and toys to entertain and bond with your animal. I was astounded to receive photos of our cat playing with toys Suze had bought, and enjoying organic treats that Suze brought along on her visit. She truly goes the extra mile.
Suze's rates are incredibly reasonable, especially considering the dedication and care that she puts into her work. We can't recommend her services highly enough. If you travel frequently and need someone to look after your cat or dog, you owe it to yourself (and your pet) to meet with Suze.

6/24/2013   Ben P.
Lawrence at Cuddles and Tails midtown is outstanding. Very thoughtful. Lots of updates and a really genuine, caring approach. I always feel guilty about leaving my cats when I go away but I could tell that my two cats really enjoyed staying with him. I would whole-heartedly recommend C&T.

6/24/2013   Anne M.
I've been meaning to write a review for Cuddles and Tails Pet Services for months and at last, I'm getting to it.
At the beginning of this year I got a dreaded phone call from Ireland and had to leave New York immediately. We have two very quiet and shy cats that we had never left before. In between looking for flights, getting passports, packing etc., I was so worried about our cats. I found Suzy, and Cuddles and Tails through Google; shot off an email and to my great surprise got a response very quickly. I explained to Suzy what was going on and even though she was booked up and didn't know me or my cats at all, she agreed to come round to our apartment, meet us all, and take care of our babies. We headed to Ireland and did not worry about our cats; we loved Suzy so knew our cats were in excellent hands. On top of that, we could check in, get news about Suzy's visits and photos of our cats.
Not long after we had to leave town again immediately and again Suzy was there for us. She was up to her neck with work and not only did she agree to take care of Sharky and Roisin, she also bought food and litter because we were almost out and did not have time to go shopping.
Now we all feel so spoiled to have Cuddles and Tails and Suzy-such a high standard of care, kindness, professionalism and customer service. Although I always miss my babies there is only one service I ever consider now when it's not possible to bring the cats along and that's Cuddles and Tails. One of the best finds in the last decade in New York as far as I'm concerned! A gem!

6/24/2013  J.V.
Just moved to the city and had been looking for a cat-sitter.  C&T had great Yelp reviews so contacted them.  Suzy responded immediately, and put me in touch with Lawrence, who is in charge of C&T Midtown and would cover my area.  We set up a home evaluation promptly, and my kitty surprisingly took to him immediately (I though I would have to pull her out from under the bed).  Lawrence is very organized, clearly loves animals, and put me at ease.  I had to go on a business trip, and each day he emailed funny updates with tons of cute pics.  He even suggested a new plate for her wet food b/c he found she was having trouble eating it from the bowl I was using - much appreciated advice!  Will certainly use again, in fact I think my kitty is hoping I will have another trip soon!  Have already recommended to a friend with a cat.

6/23/2013    Danielle T.
Susie and Cuddles & Tails are the best kept secret in Manhattan! I have to travel often and unpredictably for my job and I honestly don't know what I'd do without Susie. My schedule changes often and and she always accommodates. No problem. No fuss. Never. No matter the situation. The peace of mind alone is priceless!
But that's just the tip of the iceberg.  What makes it even better is the lova Sadie gets when I'm away. Sadie knows the way to C&T and when we get within two blocks she runs towards the door! I'm pretty sure for her it's like going on vacation to a spa! She always comes back so happy and clean (and pooped from playing with all her new friends and walks to the park)! I can't say enough good things C&T!

6/23/2013    Alana Z.
I found Cuddles and Tails via Yelp, and I emailed Suzy right away based on all of the five-star reviews!
I was in desperate search for a place to board our cats for a last minute wedding in Minnesota. I was hesitant to "kennel" the cats, as our cat Roger has had a series of health scares over the past few years. After reading all of the reviews on Yelp, I sent Suzy an email and received a prompt response letting me know that there was space availability for our cats, Roger and Oscar!
After meeting with Suzy and receiving a tour of Cuddles and Tails, my husband and I were certain that Suzy, and Cuddles and Tails would take excellent care of our boys!
Prior to our cat's vacation at Cuddles and Tails, our youngest cat, Roger, had just come back from the animal hospital after a very serious health scare. We were so worried about his health, but Suzy - bless her heart, reassured me she would follow all of our feeding instructions for Roger. She provided Roger and Oscar with the best TLC while we were gone, and I loved getting the email updates and the pictures of the boys while we were gone :)
After my husband and I retured from the wedding, we found Roger and Oscar in great spirits! We are so blessed and thankful to have found Suzy, and the care she provides is unmatched! I know Roger and Oscar can't wait to go back to see Suzy in October! We've already alerted Suzy of our tentative vacation plans, because we can't image sending our boys anywhere else! 
Thank you Cuddles and Tails!

6/23/2013   Peter R. Updated review
This is my second review of Suzy and C&T!
I am an Airline Pilot.... This fact ensures that I quite often travel without notice.  I have NEVER had Suzy do anything other than go the extra mile for us!  My trips are completely at ease knowing that I have C&T taking care of my little family while I'm gone! 
Suzy has become very popular due to the amazing level of service she provides!  I'm glad for her and want her business to continue to grow! 
If you're considering using C&T and for some reason she's not available... Do yourself a favor and choose a different time to travel when she is.  Her service is completely worth it![5.0 star rating]

2/24/2013 Previous review
Suzy is without question a fantastic pet sitter! We travel frequently and spontaneously and have used c & t many times! Our two cats(one social, the other not) are always in the best spirits when we return. Suzy has even managed to bring our little anti-social buddy out of his shell a bit!
If you want to travel and not have to worry about your pet family then you must use Cuddles and Tails!
Oh... And be sure to let Suzy know she's awesome! She deserves it!

6/15/2013   J.R.
Suzy has been a terrific catsitter for Kira, my 15 year old cat when I am out of town. I've tried a few catsitters in NYC and I think she's the best one I've worked with. Very professional, thorough and diligent on each visit. Her system is great too. After each visit, she'll email you with a brief description of her visit along photos of your cat. Highly recommended!

6/8/2013    Catherine C.
Suzy has been taking excellent care of my cat Cleo for over a year - she is wonderful! Completely reliable and trustworthy, she even vacuumed my apartment after some dry food spilled! She picks up my mail too. But most importantly, she takes wonderful care of Cleo. I travel a lot for business and having Suzy available means I have one less thing to worry about. Plus she sends adorable photos everyday when I am away! Cuddles and Tails is the best!

6/5/2013  Liz K.
Suzy is amazing! She runs a great business! She has cared for my cat for almost a year when I travel, which is fairly frequently. My cat used to travel with me when I would leave town for more than 4 days. But he is older now & got very sick on the last trip and I freaked out & decided he was happier at home (at least understanding where 'home' was). I started using another cat sitter last Summer and was completely freaked out about leaving him alone. with. a. stranger. I found Suzy after the first cat sitter bailed one weekend without telling me, leaving my cat alone & me freaked the eff out once I got home. After that not fun experience, I did my research and found Suzy after interviewing a few other sitters. I fully trust Suzy with my cat & my home. Suzy is very attentive to my finicky, a-hole, yet cuddly & lovable cat. She understands his ridiculous personality and he really likes her (rare). I leave a ton of info & instructions and Suzy is like 'ok! no problem!' I am more freaked out every time I leave my cat, even for a day, than my cat is. She also has great recommendations for things like better play toys or how to get a cat to take a pill (seriously. how.) The best part of my day when I am away is receiving Suzy's extremely detailed emails about her time with my cat - full of amazing pictures. My anxiety tends to mellow after a couple days because my cat is being loved loved loved by Suzy! My cat even  misses her when I return - he hears the neighbors coming/going and he thinks it's Suzy coming into my apartment to care for him. So sweet! She is also very into a clean space - and makes sure she leaves his food & litter areas cleaner than I left them (or could ever keep as clean!). I love anal people, because I am - and I really like that Suzy is so detail-oriented and committed to her care, to her communication and to her work. I cannot recommend her enough to everyone and anyone who wants a loving, trustworthy & amazing pet lover/sitter! Suzy is simply amazing at her job & I highly recommend becoming a client now!

5/21/2013   Mia J.
Let me start by saying this was the first time I've ever left my 5 year-old Frenchie, Marshall, with anyone other than one of two close friends and also the first time I had spent any time away from him in 5 months. To say I was nervous is an understatement and anyone who knows me knows Marshall is my baby. He may or may not be a little spoiled - but Suzy was up for the task!
Before leaving him in Suzy's care, Marshall and I stopped by her place for a temperament test, for me to meet Suzy and see what the space was like. She asked all of the right questions, took copies of his paperwork, was incredibly clean and Marshall fell in love with her turtle. It put me more at ease but I was still nervous just because I didn't know what Marshall thought of the whole thing. When I left him for the three days - I am pretty sure I had more separation anxiety than he did. Suzy understood and gave me regular updates with pictures (great pictures at that) and I was able to enjoy some much-needed away time at a friend's wedding without worrying about how he was doing.
One of the greatest parts of this experience was that Suzy delivered Marshall to my apartment before I got there because my flight came in pretty late in the evening. Being able to get home and have my little man greet me at the door was the perfect way to end my trip. I've already recommended Cuddles and Tails to a bunch of friends - I just hope there will still be availability for us the next time I go out of town!

5/10/2013  Yttrx S.
I wish I could give Cuddles and Tails ten stars. 
New people are a hard sell to my doddering, wobbly, 23 year old cat Lucy.  But Suzy won her over in about two seconds. 
I'm very protective of this cat and get a little uptight when other people handle her (shes so old and fragile), but Suzy *gets it*.  Suzy knows exactly how to treat an animal like mine, and the love and affection she pours over her is real and amazing, and makes me feel a lot better about the travel I have to do.
When you know that the person taking care of your animal feels the same way you do, it's an absolute no brainer.  I have to go on a trip, I email Suzy, and I'm not worried at all.

3/5/2013  Sherry M.
My experience with Suzy is fantastic.  I have 3 mini-daschunds who are pretty active and they all love her.  I have boarded them as well.  She is meticulous and takes excellent care of them.  She is very interactive with emails and pictures.  I actually look forward to leaving the dogs with her when I travel because I know they are in expert hands.  Thank you Suzy!!!!!!!!!!!

3/5/2013  Michelle N.
Suzy is really great and reliable. I love getting the pictures of my two cats each visit so I see how they are doing.  Really puts me at ease when away. They are always calm and happy when I return.  Plus Suzy takes extra care to keep things neat.  Very happy to have found Cuddles and Tails!!

2/21/2013   Eitan A.
We had a great experience with Cuddles and Tails when we left our dog with Suzy for three nights.  She is extremely professional and attentive and kept us updated throughout our dog's stay, sending awesome photos and funny emails describing how he was doing.  It is easy to tell that she cares for all pets as if they are her own.  Our dog has food allergies and Suzy was careful to stick to the diet, and also gave him nice long walks despite the cold weather.  We truly found a great place with Cuddles and Tails and have some great pictures to show for it as well.

1/27/2013    Tim K.
Suzy has been taking care of our two adult cats and does a superb job: feeding, playing with them, cleaning up after them. I recommend her HIGHLY!

1/21/2013   Emily R.
I would HIGHLY recommend Cuddles and Tails to anyone who needs to board their pet. I just moved to New York from California, and was very worried about where to board my cat while I apartment hunted. Suzy at Cuddles and Tails was so nice and helpful, and made me feel very comfortable leaving my kitty with her (she also made me feel welcome to New York City).
My cat was VERY well taken care of for the 5 days she spent at Cuddles and Tails, and Suzy sent me emails daily with an update and numerous pictures of my cat playing and hanging out at Cuddles and Tails. It put me at ease to know she was well taken care of. I will definitely use Cuddles and Tails next time I go out of town, to either board my kitty or I may utilize the drop in service.
If you want to feel assured that your pet is taken care of, I highly recommend Cuddles and Tails.

1/9/2013   Jessica D.
One of my biggest worries when I got my cat Dave was how he would be cared for when I went away on vacations or work trips.  Finding Suzy completely erased all of my worries.
She is super sweet but also a consummate professional.  She came to our apartment for a meeting before I left town so that she could meet Dave, see his living space and took detailed notes about his diet, routines, vet, etc.  He loved her right away and she is definitely a natural with animals.  When I went to her apartment to drop off the keys to my place I was struck by how neat, clean and spacious it was--and it looks like an animal paradise! 
While I was gone, she emailed after every visit with tons of pictures to ensure my little guy was doing just fine.  She also keeps the litter box cleaner that I ever do!  I was a little nervous leaving Dave for an extended period for the first time but he seemed so happy with Suzy.  I put my absolute trust in her and I really believe she loves each and every animal she comes in contact with.

1/6/2013   Keelin G.
I have used Cuddles and Tails several times over the past year and I can't recommend Suzy highly enough. I have two cats-- one of who can be a little cranky-- and both of them love Suzy. When I first booked her service, Suzy arranged a meeting to answer any questions I had and ensure that she had all of the necessary instructions/ info. It was clear that she cares about getting it right. What a relief to have a pet sitter that actually likes pets!
In addition to feeding and cleaning up, she takes the time to play the cats and gives them plenty of attention. No more coming home to  traumatized cats!  I love getting the daily pictures and updates and knowing that everyone is happy and healthy while I am away.
I am so happy to have found a pet sitter I can trust with my cats-- and apartment-- when I travel. Cuddles and Tails is great.

12/18/2012   Jason G.
I've had several cat sitters over the years and Cuddles and Tails is by far the best. Suzy is incredibly professional in how she runs her business. She is always amazingly prompt over email and sends daily photo updates when I am away. She had an extensive pre-visit checklist that covered contingencies I hadn't thought of. This really helped put me at ease and let me know how seriously she takes her responsibilities.
This was reinforced when I was out of town for Hurricane Sandy and Suzy managed to get in and check on my cat even though my apartment was without power for a week (and so was Suzy.) I had a house guest staying with me at the time so hadn't even planned on having Suzy check in. My house guest left to stay in Brooklyn but Suzy still managed to take care of my cat. This really meant the world to me.
I feel incredibly confident recommending her services. She's the best.

11/8/2012   Rachel S.
I used Cuddles and Tails for my two cats when I went overseas for two weeks. My timing coincided with Hurricane Sandy.  During the hurricane, Suzi still visited every day and managed to send me an update even though she lost power in her own home / place of business. 
Even without these extreme circumstances, her service is fantastic.  She is a consummate professional who has really worked out how to provide an excellent unbeatable service - from the cleaning to the playing to the additional tasks (eg collecting mail) to the daily updates.  Most importantly, my cats were happy.  I have no concerns about going away again now that I have the security and peace of mind that comes with Cuddles and Tails.

10/23/2012   Bailey K.
I honestly don't know what I would do without Suzy. I have boarded both my cat and my Pomeranian puppy with her. My cat is definitely emotionally needy, and I used to board him at places where they kept him in a crate and took him out once or twice a day to play with him. When I would pick him up, he was always distraught and would cry the entire way home. At Suzy's place, he gets to roam free and gets all the human interaction he needs. When I pick him up, he's always fine and is probably even reluctant to leave! I think many people discount the emotional neediness of cats, but I have had mine since he was 4 days old, and he is used to being around people and following me everywhere. I am so unbelievably thankful to have found a boarder who lets him roam free, and Suzy sends me daily pictures of his activities and the different places in the apartment that he has explored.
While my cat is pretty well-behaved, I was initially nervous about bringing my Pomeranian puppy to Suzy, as he wasn't yet potty trained and can get quite rambunctious. But Suzy was very gracious and provided him with puppy pads and plenty of toys. Judging from the pictures and his disposition when I pick him up, he definitely has a great time at Suzy's place!
I especially love the daily pictures that Suzy sends. She is really able to capture my pets' personalities, and it is great to see them and know that they are doing fine while I am traveling. I really can't recommend her enough!

10/12/2012    Stacey B.
Amazing service. Suzy is incredibly well-organised. She will visit your pet prior to boarding to learn more about them and their routine. She offers a pick-up and drop-off service and sends daily updates (with photos!) that let you know how your pet is getting on. Best of all - she clearly loves animals. We have a rescue cat that plenty of people would call high-maintenance, but Suzy seems to love taking care of him!

10/8/2012   Stacey B.
Suzy is one of the best pet sitters I've ever come across. She's stellar in every way - professional, organized, caring & compassionate, courteous...the list goes on...
She cared for my cat, fish and turtle with the utmost attention to detail while
I was away. Keeping me updated daily with pictures and email. It really made a difference for me to know how my animals were doing. And when I got back they were all happy and everything felt good. My cat is half feral and doesn't like strangers - but Suzy was able to coax her out of her usual hiding places and take some amazing pictures of her. I definitely found the right pet sitter and will continue to use her services!  I highly recommend Cuddles and Tails!

10/7/2012   Ana S.
We cannot recommend Suzy enough. With a last minute call, she hosted our very special cat Agustin for 6 weeks this past summer. He started out hiding under the bed, but soon enough, found himself chilling to Mozart in his own "candle" lit room, nibbling on some catnip and relaxing with lavender aromatherapy. Now that's a vacation!
Besides having a beautiful home and providing exceptionally detailed and professional services, Suzy is incredibly dedicated, trustworthy, and most of all loving. Agustin absolutely adores her, and we quickly learned why. We received daily outstanding pictures and summaries about Agustin's activities and adventures in the kingdom of Cuddles.
We look forward to having Agustin and our dog Pakito stay with Suzy in the near future. We rest assured our pets will feel loved and right at home at Cuddles.

9/29/2012   L.T.
I cannot say enough good things about Suzy. She is not only the best pet sitter I've hired, but also an amazing pet photographer! She took the only beautiful pictures of my all-black cat that I just can never get right.
I love that she sends an email every day with updates and pictures. She keeps the litter and food areas cleaner than I do (I must admit). My shy cats LOVE her and are super excited when she comes to pick up the keys. I feel 100% assured that they are well cared for which makes trips just that much more enjoyable for not having any worries about my "kids". Suzy never bats an eye at my specific feeding instructions (different for each cat haha), and will come by at the time they are used to eating.
Suzy's service is wonderful -- reliable, and professional, and she is the sweetest person. I haven't boarded my pets with her but I hear the facilities are amazing and will definitely try it out when I have a longer trip.

9/24/2012   Wallie M.
Suzy is wonderful!  Prior to using her cat sitting service, she came over to our apartment to meet myself and my cat.  She was professional, friendly, and she is so easy to work with.  She watched Piglet multiple times this summer and was even able to fit us in on short notice.  I love how she sends an update with pictures every day and she is very responsive to email.   Piglet gets upset when we leave town and Suzy was great about cleaning up her accidents and making sure she was well taken care of.  I found Suzy via Yelp and like everyone else, I highly recommend her.

9/24/2012   Lena B.
I don't want to write this review. I don't want people to know that they can trust Suzy with their pet. Everybody will want to get in at Cuddles and Tails and then what about our little cat Phoebe? She loved Suzy. She spent 10 days during the summer at Cuddles and Tails. During the first few days, Phoebe was a little shy and reserved. But then she was the spoiled little princess she always is. She owned her room, the living room and the kitchen. She was always on patrol in the apartment and especially on the windowsills making sure the birds outside know who the boss is.
And now you may ask yourself, how would I know all this? I wasn't there, right? Right! But Suzy sent several pictures each day with a little report on how Phoebe was doing. I felt like I knew all the time how she was doing and from the pictures I could really tell whether she was still getting used to the new environment or whether she was absolutely comfortable. So hands down, I already booked the boarding for our cat for two more short vacations this year.
Suzy offers an outstanding service. She is more than professional and at the same time you can see that she loves the animals she takes care of. From making a copy of the vet records (just to be safe) to taking pictures of the prepared food bowls (to make sure she replicated Phoebe's usual setup): This really is extraordinary care.

8/30/2012    A.P.
Suzy has been the best pet sitter I know and could ever ask for! She has been a lifesaver taking care of my cat when I have to travel for work. She is incredibly professional, coming to my apartment before starting the pet sitting service to go through all of the details and asking all the right questions about my cat and the apartment. She also provides the most wonderful update emails every day she comes to my apartment, letting me know how my cat is doing and informing me of anything else that she thinks I might want to know about the apartment.  She is very reliable, great with animals, and I feel very comfortable with her checking up on my cat and my apartment. 
I am very grateful to have found Suzy as my pet sitter, and I would absolutely recommend her to all my friends and family and will continue to use her whenever I need pet sitting! She's the best!

8/29/2012  Tiffany O.
Suzy is professional, friendly, reliable, and most of all caring. She makes sure to take notes on the needs of our two cats, and will update this with each new visit. She will also collect mail and water plants, and leaves all areas super clean. We especially enjoy our daily email updates with loads of pictures so we miss our kitties a little less while on vacation!
On this last trip we had some trouble returning home due to unexpected weather, and Suzy was more than happy to continue visiting our cats until we could make it home safely. We were very thankful for this. She even invented a new toy for them to play with and now they love it!  I would definitely recommend Cuddles and Tails to anyone, and will continue to rely on Suzy when we travel in the future.

8/15/2012   Amanda G.
I have only great things to say about Suzy.  She was extremely easy to work with, flexible, and great with my dog! For all the individual care she's able to provide her rates are very low. She walked my dog for 30 minutes, 3 times a day at exactly the times I requested.  My dog even got her own room! With the personal attention, daily email updates and pictures, and even a complimentary consulation, I high recommend Suzy. I think my dog had a better vacation than me!  We will be using her again.

7/20/2012   Emma C.
I have two small dogs, named Buddy and Theodore, who I love very dearly and consider my family. Theo was a rescue shelter dog who has a lot of trust issues with people he doesn't know. It usually takes him a long time to warm up to someone. He was a mistreated puppy mill stud, who lived most of his life in a cage, so when I had to be out of town and couldn't take my dogs with me, I was looking for an alternative to putting them into a kennel with cages and an overall loud, scary environment. I was lucky enough to find Suzy at the top of the google search and boy do I feel lucky to find her. She provides a loving and tranquil service that is unprecedented. I have 100% peace of mind when I love my little ones with her. Buddy and Theo absolutely love her and I can tell them feel completely at home during their stay. Suzy sends daily updates where I can obviously see how my puppies are having a wonderful time. I totally appreciate all the care and attention she gives. She is a pet-lover's dream! I am a proud customer and always sing her praises whenever someone is looking for a petsitter.

6/25/2012    C.W.
Suzy took care of our cat for 2 weeks while we were away.  She impressed us with her professionalism and reliability.  In our first meeting, she came ready with notes, she asked the right questions about how to care for our cat, she was very diligent about knowing and upholding security for our home, and she included watering my plants.  She got along great and naturally with our cat, and we felt very comfortable with her.  We looked forward to seeing her photos of our cat each time while we were away.  Leaving our fur baby at home is the hardest part of traveling for us, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs reliable and warm care for their pet while traveling.

4/22/2012   Bobby S.
Suzy is super sweet and runs an amazingly friendly pet sitting service.  If you care about your animal (and obviously we all do) you should take him or her to Cuddles and Tails!  Words that describe this place are professional, friendly, and comfortable.  There are no cages here...Suzy looks after each pet as if it were her own.  If you want the best for your pet take it to Cuddles and Tails!!!

4/2/2012   Lori Z.
If my dogs could talk, I think they would ask me to go away more often so that they could spend more time with Suzy at Cuddles and Tails. I know this because when I go to pick them, they never want to leave! I don't think you can get a better review than that :) I feel so fortunate to have found this business. I travel fairly often, and one thing I never have to worry about is the care of my 2 mini dachshunds while I am away. They have never had to be 'boarded' and I feel at ease knowing that with Cuddles and Tails they are in a cozy, spacious, impeccably clean home, rather than in a kennel. I love the daily email updates she sends, with photos of my little ones 'living it up' and having a blast during their stay. Suzy is a genuinely caring person and her love for animals is evident. I can't recommend her services enough!

3/26/2012   C.S.
My pup and I could not be happier with Suzy's boarding services. I was looking for boarding that only took a few dogs at a time and Cuddles and Tails was perfect! Suzy clearly has a love for all animals, is extremely professional, emails me updates and pictures daily, and is flexible to my bully's individual needs (occasionally needing meds, extra walks, etc). I always feel confident my guy will be in good hands at Suzy's and I know he just loves it there, as he'll always try to pull me to her side of the street when I'm walking him in the neighborhood! HIGHLY recommended!!!

3/25/2012   Stark S.
We found the Cuddles & Tails website last July, and Suzy has become absolutely indispensable to us ever since.  We travel a lot, and in the past have had to burden friends and neighbors with the responsibility (in the form of a "favor") of checking in on our two cats while we're away.  Suzy is a godsend.  We get an email update every day (complete with pictures!) and she is responsible, respectful, flexible, trusting, and takes the security of our home very seriously.  I really don't know what we'd do without her.  An absolute A+, highly recommended.

1/30/2012   Brianne B.
Suzy has been looking after my cats Jasmine and Grace for the last year and she is by far the best cat sitter I've ever had.  I just returned from a 3 week vacation and returned home to very relaxed and happy kitty cats. 
Before I found Suzy I had issues with numerous cat sitters, and several times I returned home to a sick kitty, or just stressed out and grumpy girls.  Since Suzy has been coming I have been amazed each time I return home to very positive behavior and none of what I experienced in the past.  My cats are on a special diet where they need to be fed twice a day and one of them has behavioral issues with her litter box (which before suzy had always resulted in 'suprises'left for me around my apartment) but they were happy and healthy and not one 'surprise'had been left for me! 
During the last year Suzy has taken care of them over 2 other weeks, and 15+ long weekends and each time I've felt very comfortable knowing that my cats are in good hands.  She sends me cute daily updates about what they are doing and anything she has noticed in my building, along with funny pictures of the cats and of my apartment which are always brighten my day when I'm away. 
I highly recommend Suzy to anyone that wants their pet to be well taken care of while they are away.  She is caring, responsible, reliable, flexible, a good communicator and a very sweet person!

1/19/2012 Kelley C.
I found Suzy while desperately searching for a cat sitter over the holidays. (It might have been the dog photos with Santa hats on her website that won me over.)
Her immediate response and flexibility was an instant relief. She came over to meet my two kitties just as quickly and was very thorough and kind. Needless to say, Pumpkin and Chlo were into her.
Suzy's email updates were always on time and very descriptive about my cats shenanigans. I'm also pretty convinced Suzy should become a professional animal photographer.
++ Very flexible on key pick-up!
Long story short- Suzy is a complete sweetheart and extremely reliable! I will be using her services from here on out!

1/14/2012  Romi  S.
If you live in the East Village you must call Suzy to care for your furry kids!  This was my first experience leaving Miro (feline) alone.  Usually I have someone stay in the apt with her, I am very picky abut the care she gets.  Suzy's visits were to me obviously satisfying to Miro, this I deemed from the daily photos sent to me.  AND what great photos! Suzy is calm, fit and aware that animals like us need care and kindness.  These are qualities you want in your pet sitter.

1/10/2012   Lauren H.
I needed a cat sitter for a few weeks I had out of town. I was really nervous to let a stranger into my house to take care of my cat, but Suzy was great. Paolo, my cat, instantly loved her. Her appointments were flexible and she was always reliable. I'd highly recommend her!

1/6/2012  Ben R.
I needed a cat sitter for the Holidays and went with Suzy.  I was happy to meet her for her consultation visit and immediately could tell my cat, Richard, would be in good hands.  Every morning I was gone I received an e-mail with a picture updating me on my pet's status and behavior.  She was very flexible in coordinating the key drop off and pickup which was great since I couldn't find my spare set of keys,  Next time I am out of town I plan on using her services again.

11/29/2011  Kristen U.
Suzy is the best cat sitter! We will never board our cats again! Suzy took care of our three cats while we were on holiday vacation. She is trusting, reliable, a perfectionist, and even more importantly our cats loved her! We came home to happy, healthy kitties! And, we even got daily updates (with pictures) about our cats daily activities!

2/1/2011   Bridget V.
I had a last minute trip that came ip and I didn't have anyone to look after my pet. I found Cuddles and Tails and  met with the owner Suzy who assured me that "Boo" would not be caged and she would be given affection. Four days later I came to pick her up and found her comfortably rolled up in a ball sleeping. She was happy as a bee!
She came home and went about life as usual. I found Suzy to be very warm and kind with Boo and she was also very prompt at emailing back when I inquired. The service was excellent and professional.

1/31/2011   Stephanie K.
I'm so lucky I found her. I have left my puppy in Suzy's care for 2 one week stays and a few short stays. I know my little one is in good hands and I can relax.

1/31/2011   Karen B.
Suzy is so loving and caring with everyone, including all her adorable pets.  If I had the chance to come back as a pet, I'd want to be hers.  Nothing could be more cared for.

1/31/2011  Sarah J.
First to Review
I had SUCH a great experience with Cuddles and Tails.  I boarded my 7 year old orange tabby cat for the first time ever for a week - is a 100% indoor kitty, who has only been outside of his NYC apartment a handful of times.  Suzy was so sweet and accomodating wtih him.  She sent email updates every day on how he was doing, and offers such a personalized service.  I can't recommend anyone more highly than Suzy at Cuddles and Tails if you are looking to board your animal - I know that I won't go anywhere else when I need to board my cat again! :)